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ICPS Conference Handbook

interaction in class

1. Who should I contact for emergencies?

For urgent matters in Manila:

Marc Robert Casero - 09559759245

Emergency Hotline - 122

Emergency Center - 09478859929

Medical Services - 09478847498

For urgent matters in Baguio:

Kate Monique Faye Aromin - 09353728029

Emergency Hotline - 911

Medical Services - 09213208052

City Police - 09985987739

2. Who should I contact for sensitive topics?

The ICPS Team has a dedicated Awareness Team who can be contacted if you feel any form of harassment, discrimination, or discomfort during the conference proper:

Bryan Miguel Tul-ao - 09663313868

Ronah Rollan - 09760555646

Ayessa Deanne Ayes - 09454854789

3. Where can I find a detailed itinerary for the conference proper?

You can check your conference handbook for our daily schedule. Your IDs also have a QR code at the back which directs you to our whole itinerary. You can also view our itinerary with the following link: ICPS Itinerary

4. How do I register my SIM card?

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to register your SMART SIM through this link: SIM Card Registration. Regarding the proof of address required by the registration form, you can upload this file as proof of your stay within the Philippines: 456 Hotel Accommodation. Other information that you may need to provide is your nationality, passport, return ticket, and a selfie.

Conference Questions

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