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Experience Asian Culture

With ICPS 2023 Social Events, you can experience the Asian culture through various activities  and interactions with people across the world. Get to know the socio-cultural events of ICPS 2023

Welcome Party

A party dedicated to the participants giving them an opportunity to meet and greet each other to give them time to adjust upon arrival.


Nation's Evening

An indoor event which highlights sharing of cultures and traditions among participants and their respective countries.

Costume Evening

A dinner with lively music where participants are encouraged to wear their costumes in the venue in order to take advantage of the Photo Booth.

Karaoke Trip カラオケ

For the transportation from Manila to Baguio, participants are given an option where they could partake in a karaoke or quiet trip — A social event which takes advantage of the vacant time going to and from locations.

Gabing Pinoy

A Filipino Festival-themed party where participants can win prizes from booths established in the venue. Inspired from the “perya”.

Quiet Evening

An event where participants are allowed to partake the allotted time with accompaniment of snacks, drinks, and boardgames. Participants may also partake in sight seeing or by also resting in their respective rooms.

Party Night

An astronomy-themed party where participants can interact with each other with the accompaniment of local band performances and an open mic session for participants to showcase their talents.